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Icy morning temps on grapes

By asoglin
Wednesday, January 17th, 2007 at 10:50 am in Uncategorized.

Unlike citrus and avocados, turns out the icy morning temperatures are actually really good for grapes this time of year. Helps send them into their dormant state. But it doesn’t mean the unbelievably cold weather isn’t hurting production in other ways. In Paso Robles, the cold frost burst water pipes at Peachy Canyon Winery. I called the winemaker, Josh Beckett, and he told me the tasting room hasn’t had water in five days. The main water line to the warehouse, where the barrel and cases are, is down too.Out in the vineyards, the irrigation systems are down. Worst of all, they needed to do some winter watering because we haven’t had any rain. That’s the main concern, which could prove problematic for growers everywhere in California. Lack of rain could hurt us if we never get that rain and happen upon an early bloom. I’m checking with the Napa Vintners Association to gauge their concern.

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