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Watered Beer in Fremont, CA.

By William Brand
Wednesday, January 24th, 2007 at 9:01 am in Uncategorized.

Bill, Have you ever suspected a restaurant or bar of watering down their beer?
We just ate at this pizza place in Fremont. The pizza (deep dish style) wasn’t bad, but..

We ordered an Anchor Steam and sent it back. I thought the waitress poured the wrong beer. The color was too light and the flavor was definitely wrong (very “thin” tasting). Then, we got a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale instead and…same thing! It tasted like Sierra Nevada “Lite”.

Is it possible for a place to add water to the kegs to stretch their profits?

Do you know of any recourse for the consumer if one suspects this ill. Please feel free to post this. I would like to know it other people have had a similar experience. By the way, I am one of the Friday night regulars at Drake’s Brewing (San Leandro). I feel that I have a rather discriminating palate when it comes to beer. I definitely know what Anchor Steam and Sierra Nevada should look and taste like.

Cheers, Steve Thanks, Steve. Wow . That’s wild. Adding water to a keg would be very difficult. You’d have to pound out the tap, really wouldn’t be worth it. Also, it would take a lot of water to change the taste.

More likely they’ve got all the lines hooked up to Bud Lite or some cheap kind of light beer and don’t realize that people can tell the difference. Sounds like that’s a pizza parlor to skip.

I’ve been places where the beer was old. There’s a restaurant in Berkeley that has always had Pilsner Urquell, the Czech beer. Not many people order it and it’s always stale. But watered down?? Hmmm.

Another problem can be dirty glasses, glasses with soap residue. Soap can kill the taste of beer. But you mention the color.

I hope you didn’t pay for the beer. With your permission, I’ll post this without naming the place. (Don’t want to get sued. ). Also, I’m calling the Anchor and Sierra Nevada distributors. b.

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