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No Watered Beer in Fremont, Open Beer Dates at Speakeasy

By William Brand
Friday, January 26th, 2007 at 10:51 pm in Uncategorized.

Did you read our report two days ago on watered Anchor Steam at a pizza place in Fremont, CA. Anchor Brewing’s East Bay distributor, Bay Area Beverage, sent a draft expert to the place, which we did not publish.

All was in order and the beer coming out of the taps was indeed Anchor, the company said. My guess: The owner figured it out and corrected the problem before Bay Area showed up. Whatever.

Also…This late note on dating beer from Speakeasy. Steve Bruce says all their bottled beers are open dated, but the dating is on the four-packs, not on the bottle.

“It’s a `born on’ date,” Bruce says.

By the way, this San Francisco craft brewer _ they’re celebrating their 10th anniversary this year – has just released an imperial India Pale Ale in 22 oz. bombers. It’s Double Daddy Imperial IPA, a modest (gasp) 9.5 percent alcohol by volume. Can’t wait to try it.  They have a reputation for powerful, chewy beer, the kind that warms my used-to-be-a-homebrewrer soul.

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