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What’s a green harvest?

By Jessica Yadegaran
Monday, February 5th, 2007 at 10:48 am in Uncategorized.

Someone recently asked me this. While green harvesting sounds like it has to do with organic or biodynamic winemaking, it doesn’t. Green harvesting is a technique used by winemakers to concentrate the flavor of their grapes. During the summer, before grapes turn their ripest color, they are olivey green, almost like peas (hence the term green harvesting). At this time, those working in the vineyard cut off clusters that aren’t as far along in development. This way, there are fewer clusters left on the vines to ripen fully and the ones that do stay on the vines will have premium flavor and ripeness. It’s associated with top vintners and premium crus, so ask your favorite winemaker if they’re “green” the next time you’re sipping along side them.

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