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My favorite box wine

By Jessica Yadegaran
Monday, April 2nd, 2007 at 11:33 am in Uncategorized.

How could you write a box wine story and not mention Three Thieves? I wrote about Charles Bieler and his fellow thieving vintners late last year in a story about young people who are making a difference in the wine industry. Bieler is a French-reared vintner who paired with buddies on this side of the Atlantic back in 2002 to box and jug premium Napa grapes and wine they got at ridiculously low prices. Perhaps you’ve seen the selection at BevMo! or Safeway?

Jug Circle K Ranch Pinot Noir has all the dried berries and complexity of a solid pinot noir, with lower alcohol than most of its bottle counterparts (13 percent) at only $10.99. Drink this with Trader Joe’s whole wheat roasted vegetable lasagna, and impress all your friends. The Bandit California Cabernet Sauvignon in the purple carton has all the dark fruit and medium tannins you expect from Cali cabs, for $9.99.

Contrary to what the article said, I know top wine critics who drink and write about this wine regularly. It’s good stuff. And it’s not only millennials and seniors who buy the stuff. On the flip side, it’s people like us who are looking for food-friendly stuff for a Wednesday night. Cheers.

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  • TrevR

    Jessica, couldn’t agree with you more on the Three Thieves’ vintages–good stuff! We recently interviewed Charles Bieler (see: )around the launch of their latest Cab, The Show. We saw it this weekend at Cost Plus for $11.99 and picked-up a bottle. Any chance you’ve given it a try?

  • Hey TrevR

    Thanks for the note. I haven’t tried it but will. Nothing like a $12 Cab that tastes like a $30 bottle.