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Conan O’Brien goes wine tasting

By Jessica Yadegaran
Friday, May 4th, 2007 at 1:43 pm in Uncategorized.

If you haven’t seen it already, you really must witness Conan O’Brien’s recent trip to the Napa Valley.

It’s seriously hilarious. He sets his sights on Spring Mountain Vineyard in St. Helena. I really wonder how his producers came to choose that winery. Anyway, with the winemaker, Jack, vineyard manager, Ron, and either PR rep or tasting attendant, Brian, in tow, he learns how to spit. But instead of a fine, firm, projectile stream, Conan’s is a wimpy drinking-fountain dribble.

Other highlights: they take a 1972 Swiss Army truck thing for a spin and get “stuck” on some vineyards, where Conan begins to get sloshed off a reserve Cab. Good stuff. When Ron explains that the vines are self-pollinating, Conan responds: “Sort of like me in college.” A favorite moment is when Conan finds himself in the caves for some barrel tastings with Jack, and inserts what he calls a huge glass shaft into a bunghole against a backdrop of adult-video tunes. He then proceeds to play “Desperado” on acoustic guitar because he’s so taken with the acoustics of the cave.

By the end, he’s in a smoking jacket in the tasting room. Looks like his producers got their hands on one of those ginormous wine glasses they sell in the Wine Enthusiast catalog. I think they’re for chilling multiple bottles of wine. Jack pours an entire bottle of this latest Sauvignon Blanc in the glass and Conan drinks himself into a stupor. The end.

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  • Florence

    I love you Conan! We’ll follow you wherever you go!