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Ride the Roshambus

By Jessica Yadegaran
Friday, June 22nd, 2007 at 4:45 pm in Uncategorized.

Wondering what happened to Roshambo, the hipster Sonoma winery with the laid back, “it’s just fermented grape juice” attitude? Well, they couldn’t afford that grand winery, but they can sure keep it real in a swanked-out rock ‘n’ roll bus!

This summer, if you’re headed to a barbecue in Santa Rosa or lunch in downtown Healdsburg and see the red, black and white (White Stripes colors!) 38-feet tour bus, stop for a tasting. The Roshambus is a temporary home while owner Naomi Brilliant and her crew build their new tasting room on Westside Road in Dry Creek. In typical rock-star fashion, they’re taking their show on the road, to new and old fans around the country.

I talked to spokesperson Daniel Ricciato, who informed me that in typical Roshambo style, local artists designed the artwork that’s wrapped on the bus’s exterior, and the entire interior is a collaborative effort between Levi Miller, Ricky Watts, and Brilliant of graffiti art and tricked out walls. Sit on either of the two cream-colored leather loveseats, or lounge on the double bed in the flower filled bedroom. Yes, handcuffs are available.

Incidentally, a six-pack of RPS Red and RPS White is currently available on their Web site for $35.

Find out where the bus’ll be at

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