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Blind Wine game

By Jessica Yadegaran
Monday, June 25th, 2007 at 10:52 am in Uncategorized.

If you want to hold a blind tasting and don’t have time to gather all the items you’ll need, try Blind Wine’s Wine Tasting Game: Where Friends & Family Compete, made by two East Bay guys who love wine. Their company, Marc & Josh’s House Party, LLC, is based in Danville. The game is sold at Prima in Walnut Creek and online at Blind Wine. It costs $25. I see it more as a gift that something you’d buy for yourself.

As someone who attends or throws a blind tasting once a month, I wouldn’t call it a game. That threw me a little. I took Blind Wine to my monthly Wine Groupies, thinking inside was some fun wine trivia board game or something competitive we could play after we go through our blind tasting, which usually involves at least 8 wines and is pretty focused and serious. There’s no winner, per se, because we’re not guessing the wines.

We merely choose a varietal or category (Unoaked Chardonnay; 04 Pinot Noir) and taste them against one another and then rate them. If there’s any winner, I suppose it’s the person who happened to buy the wine that comes out on top. But in a lot of cases (like this month’s category, Portuguese blends), the winner was unfamiliar with their bottle. They just got lucky.

Anyway, back to Blind Wine. It’s essentially a kit comprised of all the things we forage for around the house: invitations and envelopes to send in advance (we just use Evite or email), a booklet on how to throw a blind tasting (it’s really not that complicated), a first place medal (we have a last place, racy cork from Vegas), scoring cards, bags to cover the bottles (we use aluminum foil or brown bags from wine stores), pencils, thank you cards and wine glass labels.

Again, it’s a nice introduction to blind tastings but it’s not a board game or anything. Cheers!

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