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Still on the trail of Anchor Small

By William Brand
Tuesday, July 17th, 2007 at 8:16 am in Uncategorized.

Still on the trail of Anchor Small

Random notes…LOOKING FOR ANCHOR SMALL BEER: Called Anchor Monday, got referred to the East Bay sales director, who said he would talk to the distributor and get back to me.
Anchor SmallMeanwhile, Craig Wathen, who runs City Beer, the unique on-and-off-premises store at 1168 Folsom St. in San Francisco, (415-503-1033) says he has a limited supply of Anchor Small on hand and plans to get more.
If you’ve never checked out City Beer, I highly recommend it. Craig has an unusual state license. Patrons can pick any of the hundreds of bottles of craft and import beers on his refrigerated shelves, split it with a friend at the standard retail price.
If you like it, you can buy more to take home. He also has a rotating number of taps, each with a great beer.
Critics point out that his prices are high, but my comparisons don’t show that. Everything’s fairly priced, no higher than any other store with a good beer list.
Anchor Small

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