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Storvino stackables a good option

By Jessica Yadegaran
Wednesday, August 8th, 2007 at 1:24 pm in Uncategorized.

Storvino burgundy storage bins

Cool inventor story out of Danville. Seems a fellow by the name of Bob Stanhaus was getting on in his wine collection and storing his precious bottles in the cardboard boxes you get when you buy a case. Not sure what he expected, but the fact that they caved in and fell apart frustrated him, so he pulled that pencil out from behind his ear and got to work. Voila, Storvino was born.

Stanhaus’ plastic burgundy or black (the latter is made from recycled materials) storage bins are flexible and modular, so you can stack them up in your closet, garage or wherever you have room. My current spaces of choice: underneath the bed and in the cupboards of my dining room built-ins. But alas, there’s no room for bins or boxes in there. Just bottles.

That made me wonder — who is this product right for? I’m at the point in my collection that temperature-controlling is becoming a factor. Over half of my 100+ bottles can be stored in my wine racks, no problem. It’s the remaining 30 or so that I need to get into a fridge or off-site storage facility.

Then I took a look at the black box. It’s pretty slick and has an urban feel. So if you live in a loft in SOMA, or a live-work space in Emeryville and want to display the 10 ” x 11 ” boxes — a nifty hole allows you to inter-connect the boxes with corks, pretty cool — it’s perfect for you. You store them on their sides but can pick one up for easy transport to your trunk, say for a barbecue or picnic. I think they’re also great for suburbanites who have basements or garages.

Stanhaus has done really well for himself, and we’re proud. The $19.99 modules can be found at tons of Bay Area retailers, including Vino Cellars (Livermore), Stacks and Stacks (Richmond), Napa Style (Berkeley), Danville Cigar and Wine Shop (Danville), and Cole Hardware (San Francisco), not to mention online at and Soon, they’ll be in Fry’s Electronic Stores, including all six in the Bay Area.

Check them out at Storvino.

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