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A Belated Post on the Toronado’s 20th

By William Brand
Monday, August 27th, 2007 at 7:55 pm in Uncategorized.

I very unfortunately was out of town for the Toronado’s 20th anniversary celebration. However, a whole lot of people made the trek, including Michael C., who wrote this and sent me the brilliant picture of him with David Keene, the meister of the evening and founder of Toronado oh those many, many eons ago.
He intended to do a dance bar, but he stocked Anchor from Day One and soon was stocking other craft beers and then. Holy cow.

That’s Mike, right, with David, left.David Keene. Michael C at Torondos 20th

William: My wife and I went to Toronado for the 20th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday evening. The place was packed. I was somehow able to get to the bar and get two rounds of beer. Both of the Russian River Brewing Company beers, the “Toronado 20th Anniversary Beer” and the “50-50″, were not for the timid. They are strong tasting beers and there’s no question that they were in the 10% alcohol range. We also tried two Lagunitas beers — the Anniversary Red and the Hop Stoopid. We both loved the Hop Stoopid, and both thought that the Anniversary Red was mediocre. I’m not sure if this Anniversary Red is the same as their Lucky 13 Anniversary Ale. Attached is a photo of me with Dave — I’m holding an Anniversary glass containing the Anniversary beer.


Addendum from me:
After sampling the Toronado’s 20th, the Russian River 50-50 and Hop Stoopid (which I dearly love), anything else would taste bland. I think Anniversary Red was Lagunitas’ seasonal, Imperial Red. I would bet that if Mike tries it alone, he’d like it. wb.

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