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A View of the GABF and Our Beer from Across the Pond

By William Brand
Monday, October 15th, 2007 at 6:43 am in Uncategorized.

I’ve still got more Great American Beer Festival reporting to post, including a bunch of photos of some of the wilder costumes at the fest. But the story below ran in the Sunday Observer in London, a friend in Brussels sent me the link. It’s an interesting view from the UK. One note though, Coors Blue Moon’s no drop in the bucket. They sold nearly 700,000 barrels of Blue Moon Belgian-Style White Ale last year. Read on:

It’s ale the rage over the pond

Forget the big-name, watery lagers: more and more Americans are knocking back speciality ‘craft beers’ and wine, writes James Doran in New York

Sunday October 14, 2007
The Observer

A giant image of Michael Jackson last night hung over more than 40,000 beer aficionados, gathered in Denver for the Great American Beer Festival. Not the self-styled and somewhat tarnished King of Pop, you understand, but the revered and, sadly, recently deceased British writer and champion of real ale.
‘It shows you how much attitude towards beer has changed in America when this many people gather to remember someone like Michael. He was a lovely man and a great friend,’ says Steve Hindy, the chairman of the American Brewers Association, host of the annual beerfest, and chief executive of the Brooklyn Brewery, one of America’s leading small beer makers. Read more…

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