Bottoms Up

Beer and wine in the Bay Area and beyond

By William Brand
Friday, October 26th, 2007 at 9:43 pm in Uncategorized.

Beer glass Half Moon Bay Brewing


This is a glass of India Pale Ale from Half Moon Bay Brewing in Half Moon Bay, CA. No doubt the beer used to enter the race Saturday morning won’t be as good as this.

Forget trophies for the first annual Old Tunnel Road Race that begins at noon today. The prize will be beer, potentially a mind-boggling amount of beer.

“Our entry fee is simple,” says the race creator, Brian Rutherford, of Berkeley. “It’s 12 bottles of beer and the winner gets all the beer.”

“I didn’t want to make it a money thing, but I wanted an entry fee so people would be committed,” he said. “Everybody likes to drink beer, so why not?”

The potential, Rutherford admits, is rather stunning. “If we get 20 people to run, that’s 500 beers; if we get 40, that’s a thousand.”

Also, Rutherford plans to hand out free t-shirts to everyone from his fledgling clothing design company, Elevation 42. Rutherford a longtime runner as well as a bicycle racer with the Montano Velo team in Oakland, decided that the East Bay needs an unusual race and what better place than Old Tunnel Road.

“Old Tunnel Road is one of the most well-known roads in the East Bay. It’s used by all sorts of athletes, all the local bike riders use it, tons of runners, rollerblades and skaters use that road all the time. I thought it would be perfect,” he said,

The race begins beside the 1991 Firestorm Memorial on Hiller Drive at the junction with Tunnel Road. It ends a steeply sloping 3.2 miles later at the junction of Old Tunnel Road and Grizzly Peak Boulevard near the top of the East Bay hills.
“We’ve got a number serious runners committed,” Rutherford said. “But everybody’s welcome.”

He admits there’s no restriction on what kind of beer to bring to enter the race. That’s up to the runners, he said. For more information, contact Rutherford at

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