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JC Cellars Harvest Party biggest yet

By Jessica Yadegaran
Monday, November 5th, 2007 at 5:27 pm in Uncategorized.

Yesterday’s JC Cellars Harvest Party was so fun. Jenny and I worked as volunteers, pouring two of Jeff Cohn’s Syrahs: the California Cuvee ($30) and the Ventana Vineyards ($25). They’re both gorgeous wines, a true marriage of California fruit made in the French style.

Jeff makes several Syrahs. But in terms of these two wines, it was really interesting to see how people really gravitated toward one or the other. The Cuvee has a little bit of Petit Sirah and Viognier in it. It has 15 percent alcohol and is made in a bold, fruit-forward style. It’s delicious.

By contrast, the Ventana has subtle hints of dark raspberries, but is otherwise a savory wine, with a lot of cured meats, olives and pepper. The alcohol is 14 percent and it’s proof of Cohn’s northern Rhone-style winemaking. This wine intrigued me more.

Almost everyone who visited our table — from Ron Pieretti of Prospect 772 to Ventana Vineyards’ Reggie Hammond — preferred one over the other. Toward the end of the five-hour event, it almost became an experiment in human behavior!

Check out both wines at JC Cellars’ web site. I’ll post photos once they’re available.

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