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Try sparkling Shiraz for Thanksgiving

By Jessica Yadegaran
Tuesday, November 20th, 2007 at 10:06 am in Uncategorized.

An email from my friend Shirley, a reporter here at the Times and a member of my Wine Groupies, recommending a dark, fruity sparkling wine for Turkey Day. Just wanted to pass it along:

“Wouter and I tried a really fun, interesting sparkling Shiraz that would be perfect for Thanksgiving and wanted to share the joy.

Fox Creek

We had the Fox Creek “Vixen” Sparkling Shiraz from Australia during a dinner at Lolo, a new Mexican Turkish restaurant in the Mission. (Tasty fun place! You should try it.) Anyhow, this Shiraz is a lovely cranberry color and tastes like carbonated cran-pomegranate juice in the best way possible.

It’s bone dry: you get a lick of fruit and then it just drops off a cliff of sheer bubbles. Goes great with duck confit — the fruit complements the meat, and the effervescence cuts through the fat.

I think we hunted around online and found the bottle for $20 a pop at K&L.”

Note that below the brief on the opening of Lolo there’s news of South’s opening, the all things Down Under food and wine bar on Townsend in San Francisco. I’ll keep you posted when I check it out.

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  • swirlingnotions

    Sparkling Shiraz is also fantastic with cured meats. It’s akin to the effervescent Lambrusco (the good stuff that you can’t find here) served in Emilia-Romagna with their stellar salumi . . . like prosciutto and culatello and mortadella.

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