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By William Brand
Sunday, December 16th, 2007 at 11:53 am in Uncategorized.

In my rambles on the Web, I’ve found a number of interesting beer stops. A new one I’ve found is Brewed for Thought.

Sweet Spot PubIt’s written by a guy who lives in Santa Rosa, CA. His idea is to share what he knows about good places to drink beer in his corner of the world.

Most of us in to beer know about Third Street Ale Works and, of course, Russian River Brewing a block and a half away. But did you now there’s also a pub nearby that serves as an unofficial outlet for Lagunitas Brewing. It’s the Sweet Spot. Read about it here.

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  • Mario

    Thanks for the good word. So you know, it’s actually 5 of us, me in Santa Rosa, and guys in Oakland, Oregon, Florida and Ohio. Hopefully we can keep the good news coming.