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Beer glasses to buy for yourself or a special someone for Christmas

By William Brand
Monday, December 17th, 2007 at 2:59 pm in Uncategorized.

Somewhere along the beer trail I tired of beer t-shirts from breweries or brewpubs I’ve visited and I’m way too shy to wear any of the funny beer t-shirts I’ve been given with slogans like: “Beer. It’s for breakfast” and “Beer is the answer, what’s the question?

Samuel Smith Pub GlassBut beer glasses? I’m a sucker for beer glasses. I love to serve guests beer in glasses branded with the beer I’m serving. One of my big problems has always been that I get a single glass, sometimes with a bottle of beer in a holiday package. Where do I get more glasses to fill out the set.

Sure, there’s always been the web and God forbid, ebay. But who wants to pay $10 for a pub glass?

Things are changing. Just got an e-mail from Merchant du Vin, the Seattle-based importer of Samuel Smith’s from England and Orval from Belgium, among many others. They’re selling those pub glasses I covet for $2.95 plus shipping. Deal.I’m ordering five, to supplement my lone glass, which came in a kit with a bottle of Samuel Smith’s Pale Ale. I looked everywhere, but could never find another kit or the glass.

They also sell Orval chalices, the kind Orval is served in at bars in Belgium and at a few sophisticated bars in the U.S. They’re $5.95, but these are really nice glasses, thick glass with embossed lettering. Gonna order three of those as well to go with the single glass I got a couple of years ago with a bottle of Orval.

OK, it’s a little nuts, I admit. What can I say.

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