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Cleansing my palate at the Trappist

By Jessica Yadegaran
Thursday, January 17th, 2008 at 8:28 am in Uncategorized.

Cleansing the palate at Trappist

Those of you who read today’s Night Writer can probably guess what a wine drinker’s doing at a beer bar. Most of us who work with wine drink plenty of beer — it’s actually a winemaker’s secret weapon during harvest.

For me, Belgian beers in particular cleanse the palate with their often crisp, citrus flavors. It’s the only thing I crave — besides Champagne or sparkling wine — after a long day of tasting or judging wine.

And the Trappist raises the bar on places to drink the stuff. I felt at home. Much like a specialized wine bar, they focus on hand-crafted finds from artisan breweries. I relished the tasting notes and other ceremonials when it came to serving the beer as well. Temperature and glasses are of the utmost importance to showcase the very best of these brews.

Go for the sampler — the small glasses in front of me in the photo above — and be wowed. The Trappist opened in Old Oakland last month. You can find all the information on their web site. Follow the link above.

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  • Laura Casey

    Heck yeah! I love this new Oakland hot spot!

  • Jessica Yadegaran

    Woohoo. Definitely go this weekend.