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Free food and free beer Friday nights at Linden Street Brewing in Oakland

By William Brand
Friday, January 18th, 2008 at 10:53 pm in Uncategorized.

Linden Street Brewing crowd

This was the crowd Friday afternoon at Linden Street Brewing, left – right, Larry Chu, Boon S., Calvin Clark, Dave Sungarian, Sannon Allison, Cindy Regnier and Nick Zigelbaum. They all work in the neighborhood and make this a regular late Friday destination. Photo: William Brand

Talk about a deal. Adam Lamoreaux, who is just launching his Linden Street Brewing, a craft brewery at 95 Linden St., a few blocks north of Jack London Square in Oakland, has a bash every Friday afternoon.

Beginning at 4 p.m., he starts pouring beer and an hour or so later as a crowd gathers, he fires up an outside barbecue and begins cooking links. Hot links, beer and conversation, not too shabby way to end the week.

The beer is Urban People’s Common Lager, a 5 percent, Anchor Steam-type beer that he intends to make Oakland’s trademark beer. He bouth Daniel Del Grande’s Bison Brewery brewplant and is installing it in a historic old warehouse with a view of a Port of Oakland shipping container facility. Just a little bit away are those giant cranes that were the models for the giant Imperial Walkers in the Star War series.

The beer’s excellent; this is Adam’s second batch. It’s not quite so hoppy wit h an excellent malt presence. The color of dusky gold, it’s got some zip. Right now, as he finishes installing his fermenters, he’s got two customers, the new Trapppist & Speciality Beer Bar, 460 8th St., a place that’s a runaway hit and serves his beer in a Belgian-style chalice.

The other spot’s the Fireside Lounge at 1453 Webster Street in Alameda’s West End.

I’m gonna make Linden Street a regular Friday afternoon stop from now on.

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