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The march of beer in cans reaches Fuller’s London Porter

By William Brand
Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008 at 9:57 pm in Uncategorized.

Fuller’s London Porter is joining the can brigade. It’s going to be sold in large, 16.9 oz. cans in four-packs beginning next month, the importer Distinguished Brands says.

A number of European brewers now send their beer our way in cans. My favorite is St. Bernardus Abt 12, the strong abbey beer from Belgium. It comes in a tall can and did a great deal to convince me that just because a beer’s in a can it needn’t be lager swill.

Then along came Dale’s Pale Ale from Oskar Blues in Lyons, CO. This was far from swill. A few months later, Shaun O’Sullivan at 21st Amendment Restaurant & Brewery in San Francisco bought a small craft beer canning kit and began canning 21st Amendment’s dynamite IPA and their Watermelon Wheat. (An aside; You can try canned 21st IPA right now. Six, 12 oz. cans for $9.95, at the pub: 562 2nd St. in San Francisco. One sixer to a customer right now.)

Whew Shaun’s canned IPA convinced me. No more canned swill speeches from me. So let’s welcome Fuller’s.

An added twist, looks like Fuller’s is going to be canned with nitrogen. The idea is to protect the beer’s supple Fuggles finish, Distinguished Brands Jeff Coleman says. Don’t know if its a widget like the one in canned Guinness. It’s a tiny plastic cylinder with a pinhole. It’s filled with nitrogen, then when you pull the tab on the can, the nitrogen whooshes out, churning the beer into a creamy froth, just as if it was served from a keg pushed by nitrogen.

I’ll have to check. Anyway, Fuller’s porter is 5.4 percent ABV, a blend of brown, crystal and chocolate malts. Finish hops are English Fuggles. A very nice beer indeed, pasteurized in a can, in a bottle or best of all on cask in a Fuller’s pub in Greater London.

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