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The Trappist in Oakland is rocking: Ask these reporters

By William Brand
Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008 at 5:54 pm in Uncategorized.

Trappist chalk board

The Trappist chalk board: a bevy of beery beauties. Photo: Michael Condie

Two night Bay Area News Group night life reporters wrote stories about The Trappist & Specialty Beer bar in downtown Oakland this past week.

Angela Woodhall’s story on The Trappist ran last Friday in the Oakland Tribune:

New pub taps beer lovers’ kudos

OAKLAND — If you want to hit THE hottest spot in Oaktown, get over to The Trappist on 8th Street.
I dropped by the other week to check out the pub that specializes in Belgian beer to find out what all the buzz is about.

The Old Oakland pub run by a beer-loving duo by the name of Aaron Porter and Chuck Stilphen has been packed since it opened Dec. 7.

Say goodbye to the halcyon days of easy parking.

“I give this place a rave review. Super, super fun,” said Elizabeth Fischer, who visited The Trappist for a second time Jan. 11…READ MORE. (Requires no-cost sign up.)

The Contra Costa Time’s wine and night life writer Jessica Yardegaran wrote about the Trappist two days earlier:

Thanks to Trappist, hoppy days are here again
Contra Costa Times
Article Launched: 01/17/2008 03:00:18 AM PST

What happens when you plant wine drinkers in a Belgian beer bar? A whole lot of sniffing.
On Sunday night, Jenny, Marke and I hit the Trappist, an homage to all that is good and true and serious about artisan brewing. Of the world’s Trappist monasteries, half a dozen or so (mostly in Belgium) produce beer, and they are revered among beer drinkers around the world.

The tiny pub is another notch in Old Oakland’s big hipster belt; a promise that it won’t be long before the neighborhood is the East Bay’s answer to urban chic. I already buy raw-milk brie and designer denim there.

What’s left?. READ MORE...(Requires free signup).

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