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Loving “A Wine Miscellany”

By Jessica Yadegaran
Thursday, January 24th, 2008 at 10:47 am in Uncategorized.

A Wine Miscellany

I’m having a hoot of a time reading Graham Harding’s “A Wine Miscellany: A Jaunt Through the Whimsical World of Wine” (Clarkson Potter; $16.95). Harding is chairman of the Oxford Wine Club and holds the diploma of the Wine & Spirits Education Trust.

He’s also a fantastically witty Brit. The book’s short, punchy wine dork factoids are arranged to lead naturally into one another. You’ll learn about the birthplace of wine (China or Persia, depending on what you consider wine); heaven’s wine guy (the early St. Vincent, apparently) and the world’s largest wine list (belongs to a steakhouse in Florida, natch)

Compact and thus perfect for BART or to tuck into your bag for a coffee-shop Sunday, I recommend the book for enthusiasts and experts alike.

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