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A modern sea voyage to India from England for an English IPA

By William Brand
Sunday, February 24th, 2008 at 11:44 am in Uncategorized.

Pete Brown, beer bloggerOne thing about recovering from a computer meltdown, I’ve found items I’d buried and never seen. One of these was Pete Brown’s Beer Blog

He’s English, was a high-powered advertising type who, I gather, discovered real beer, and became a beer writer. His blog is tres intéressant.

Last year, he took an 18,000 mile sea voyage to Argentina then to India, much of it aboard a sailboat. He took along a freshly brewed jeroboam of India Pale Ale (101.6 ounces). It’s how India Pale Ale originated, brewed strong so it could survive the sea voyage from Burton on Trent in England to the English Indian colony. So how did the beer turn out? In a word – Wow! Find out all about it here.

Photo: Pete Brown

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