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Letters, Emails: Newcastle Brown in cans, a mail-order source for Dogfish

By William Brand
Tuesday, February 26th, 2008 at 8:57 am in Uncategorized.

Newcastle Brown Ale in cansHi William, I have been enjoying your column for a while now. Thanks for taking all the time to do this!
I have a question: where can I find Newcastle Nut Brown packaged in a can? I keep hearing more and more about it. I live in Berkeley and have checked all the usual suspects with no luck (Bevmo, Ledgers,etc).
Any direction would be appreciated! Cheers, Jon

Hi Jon. Don’t believe nookie brown’s imported in cans. Haven’t seen it at any rate. The Nut Brown Ale is Samuel Smith, also from the UK and richer and not so dry. It’s only in bottles as far as I know. If you’re interested, here’s a history of this English beer that became a mainstay of the British working man:

In 1890 five Tyneside breweries came together and after the First World War started trading under the blue five point star. Newcastle Brown Ale was launched in 1927 after Jim Porter had spent three years developing this special brew. Almost immediately after its release, Newcastle Brown Ale won the gold medals at the International Brewers’ Exhibition in London in 1928. READ MORE…

Fuller’s now has some beers in cans. No doubt Newcastle’s in cans in the UK, But here I’ve only seen it in clear glass bottles. Frankly, a can would be a lot better package than a clear bottle, which allows too much light in and limits the time the beer stays fresh. wb

I had heard about Newcastle in the can from Jon Plise of They were drinking it during their Northern English Brown show. I sent Jon a note on his source for the cans so if I hear back from him, I’ll send you a followup.

Dogfishhead 90 Minute IPAAlso: On one of your previous posts, folks were asking where to get Dogfish Head. You probably already know about the site . Their shipping is a bit steep (understandably so) but is a great way to try their beer. Jon

Newcastle Brown is in cans in the Bay Area

Hey Jon, just checked the Beverages and More Web site. They have a sixer in cans for $8.99. Web site says there are 5 six packs available. The Bevmo site shows the inventory for the store in Pleasanton, CA. The thing to do is call the BevMo nearest you, ask for the beer. They promise to have it for you in a short time.

Gee. I wonder if it tastes better in cans. Gotta try that. Good luck. b

About the Dogfish Head. Great idea. Just checked the Liquid Solutions Website, a sixer of 90-Minute IPA would cost $18.72 shipped here to Oakland. We’ve got far too many great double IPAs here to bother, but it’s a great idea for hard to find beers. They have quite a selection. Thanks for the tip. And if you haven’t visited, check it out. Lots of content.

Photo, right: A chalice of Dogfishhead 90-Minute IPA.

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