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The habit of collecting beer glasses

By William Brand
Wednesday, February 27th, 2008 at 10:07 pm in Uncategorized.

Kiss Me I:m Irish glassAre you into beer glasses. I am; I have shelves of glasses, mostly glasses and sets of glasses with beer logos. I have my Chimay glasses, my Westmalle glasses. I even have a Budweiser glass (stolen from a pub) and Diet Coke glass (stolen from a pub in Leuven, in Belgium).

I hate Diet Coke, but my wife, my faithful designated driver, loves it. I was in a fancy beer place in Leuven, ordered a Diet Coke, then asked for ice. The waiter, a haughty type, brought a silver bowl of ice cubes and with tongs dropped a single cube of ice into the glass. Europeans (me too) hate ice in drinks. To make it a total sin, I stole the glass for my wife. Dumped the Diet Coke in the cuspidor. Hee hee.

Until I did a San Francisco pub crawl for KQED, I honestly didn’t have any crystal glasses. The three couples who won the bidding in the auction for the crawl presented me with a special beer glass, handmade by a glassmaker in Southern California. It’s very neat indeed.

That opened my eyes to the emerging world of fine beer glasses. It’s a pricey world, but fascinating. So I started looking around. Then, in a PR handout, I discovered Designs by Lolita. They have a variety of handmade pilsner glasses, each with an intricate design of some sort.

Their latest is a hand-blown glass with a cloverleaf design and a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” slogan on it. Not cheap, but unusual: $24.99 plus shipping. Hey, I’m not Irish, but I’m thinking about it. Check it out. What do you think? Is that highway robbery? Are there better deals somewhere? Let me know.

Mreanwhile, I’m sitting here sipping “Collaboration, Not Litigation” Ale from a gold-rimmed Chimay glass. The beer’s a blend of Russian River’s Salvation Belgian-Style Ale and Avery Brewing, Boulder, Colorado’s beer of the same name. Excellent. Coming to stores near you soon. Worth buying. Gonna write about it next week.

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