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Stone brews an Arrogant Bastard real ale in the UK

By William Brand
Sunday, March 30th, 2008 at 8:51 am in Uncategorized.

What’s new in beer and brewing…Among other beer blogs I read regularly is Pete Brown’s Blog. He’s English and something of an adventurer. He recently took a cask of India Pale Ale from Burton on Trent to India on a sailboat, replicating the original journey of this now famous beer style.

Today, he’s blogging about an International Real Ale festial at the J.D. Wetherspoon pub chain. Part of what made it an international fest was the presence of Stone head brewer Mitch Steele ( who used to be the head of Anheuser-Busch specialty beer section) and another brewer from Stone. Brewing, Escondido, CA. Together, they made a beer for the fest….Here’s the nut graph of Pete Brown’s post…

J.D. Wetherspoon International Real Ale Festival

I went to the launch of the festival on Thursday and met Mitch Steele and Steve Wagner from Stone, who packed a bag of Centennial and Simcoe hops and came to Kent to brew Stone California Double IPA at the Shepherd Neame brewery.

Mitch said it was a privilege to brew at the brewery, and obviously enjoyed matching North American vision and invention with English brewing tradition.

The resulting beer is utterly beguiling: the hoppy punch that you only really taste in North America, countered by the smoothness and depth exclusive to cask-conditioned ale. READ MORE....

Cask Stone. Now I’d drink that.

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