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The “grow your own” plan at Lagunitas: Hops

By William Brand
Thursday, April 17th, 2008 at 4:02 pm in Uncategorized.

Lagunitas hop field.

Lagunitas hop field near Marshall, CA.
Google locator Map Marshall, Tomales BayThe hop shortage has caught every brewer’s attention, even breweries with an assured supply of hops. At Lagunitas in Petaluma, CA., co-founder Tony Magee proudly notes they’ve planted one-third of an acre with Emperer and Pathetique hops.

Emperor hops add a spicy note to Maximus, the brawny Lagunitas IPA. Pathetique, a hop that I know nothing about and nobody at two home brew stores had heard of, is also listed as used in Maxiumus. Do you know about this hop? Let us know. Post something here or send me an e-mail:

Oh yes, the hop field’s in Marshall on the shore of Tomales Bay. “The well is in, the irrigation all set up, the trellis’ are strung, and the little buggers are all in the ground and ready to climb!” Tony says.

Go you buggers go!.

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  • Mario (Brewed for Thought)

    I’m not a hops expert, but I always thought moist air was a leading factor that could lead to mildew that troubles hop production. The new Lagunitas Farm seems like it would be shrouded in fog many days. Anyone else know about this?

  • Jinja

    I read on Brookston beer bulletin that they just gave the hops new names:

    “They’re planted two hop varieties, Emperor and Pathetique (really Nugget and Cascade, but Tony Magee renamed them since they’re not being grown in the Pacific Northwest — and apparently he’s a big fan of Beethoven).”

    Jinja Out

  • chilebrown

    In the 80’s I used to drive by Sloughhouse, Ca. Sloughhouse is Northeast of Sacramento. They had some Hop fields. It would get very hot in that area.
    I grew some myself when I lived in San Pablo, Ca. We did not get the morning fog of the Bay Area. I had them trellised over a patio. They were beautiful and fragrant when they flowered. They were a little to hardy and were a little hard to control in following years. Good thing I was only renting.