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The perils of brewing beer in Weed (That’s Weed, CA.)

By William Brand
Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008 at 10:23 pm in Uncategorized.

Wow, here’s a lesson in government-ese for you. If you brew beer in Weed, California, better be careful what you put on the label, not to mention the bottle cap. The feds are watching.

Mount Shasta Brewing LogoCalif. brewer ordered to stop using ‘Legal Weed’ bottle caps
By Juliet Williams, Associated Press
Article Created: 04/23/2008 03:59:47 PM PDT

SACRAMENTO _ Vaune Dillmann thought the wording on his bottle caps was just a clever play on the name of the Northern California town where he brews his beer _ Weed.
Federal alcohol regulators thought differently. They have ordered Dillmann to stop selling beer bottles with caps that read “Try Legal Weed.”

The dispute started in February when Dillmann sent the proposed label for his latest beer, Lemurian Lager, to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau for approval. The agency, which regulates the industry, asked for some changes to the label, along with a sample bottle cap.

Dillmann obliged, sending the caps he has been using for his five current beers.
The agency responded that the message on the caps amounted to a drug reference. In a letter explaining its decision, the agency said the wording could “mislead consumers about the characteristics of the alcoholic beverage.”Mount Shasta Abner Weed Amber

Dillmann scoffs at the notion that his label has anything to do with smoking pot.
“I’ve never tried marijuana in my life,” he told The Associated Press on Wednesday. “I don’t advocate that. It’s just our town’s name.”

The town of 3,000, sitting beneath Mount Shasta about 230 miles north of the state capital, takes its name from Abner Weed, a timber baron who opened a lumber mill there in 1901 and eventually was elected to the state Senate.

Dillmann, 61, started the Mount Shasta Brewing Co. in 2004. He said he has always used the town’s name on his beers and named the company’s first official brew Abner Weed’s Pale Ale. READ MORE….

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  • awoodall

    Oh man. I know Weed from passing through it on the way from Oregon. The place has quite a racial history, if I remember correctly (assuming there isn’t two Weeds in California).

  • William Brand

    Nope, there’s only one Weed, but lots of weed in California.

  • Miles Richmond

    Thanks for the call and congratulations on your victory over the bureaucrats. The article in POINTLESS should be in Weed on Thursday. We heard the breaking story this morining in Sacramento on the Armstrong and Getty radio program. Long Live Legal WEED!!!
    Miles Richmond. Editor, POINTLESS (The Paper for People with Uninteresting and Mundane Lives)