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Only two more days to bid on KQED’s Belgian Beer Pub Crawl

By William Brand
Friday, April 25th, 2008 at 11:50 am in Uncategorized.

KWED Belgian Beer Pub Crawl

Help. I need a secretary or an aide-de-camp. I’m VERY LATE with this posting. Let me explain, last year I volunteered to do a San Francisco pub crawl for KQED, KTEH, the public broadcast stations. It was a big success.

This year I’m doing a Belgian Beer Tour, also with Mr. Toad’s Tours furnishing the transportation. It up right now on the KQED Online Auction. There are only two moe days remaining to bid.

So if the idea of a whole lot of great Belgian beer at a number of spots in the East Bay and San Francisco grabs you and you feel like making a charitable, tax deductible donation, check it out. This is for a very worthy cause and the price is low.

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