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A green publicity stunt from New Belgium: Trade your car in for a bike

By William Brand
Wednesday, May 28th, 2008 at 7:14 pm in Uncategorized.

Fat Tire neon sign This is true. P.T. Barnum would be proud of this Front Range company. The headline is accurate.

Let me explain, each summer, New Belgium has a kind of roving chautauqua. They land in a city, and have an afternoon of live, free music beer and bicycle-related games. They call it “Tour De Fat” . Well, hell they do make Fat Tire, don’t they.

Their San Francisco Bay Area visit is July 19. I believe it will be in Golden Gate Park again. This year, the bike giveaway is the new wrinkle. In each city the tour visits, they’ll select one person, who agrees to hand over the pink slip to his or her car and agree to live car-free for one year. In exchange, the lucky person will receive a custom New Belgium commuter bike.

They’re gonna select the winner (or should I say loser) in each city on the basis of a video or essay submitted to New Belgium explaining why they want to live without a car.

To submit a video or essay for consideration as a Car-for-Bike volunteer, log on to

There you have it. Not too shabby. Move over Ringling Bros.

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  • r.r.

    How much does it cost to purchase a car, fuel a car, maintain a car, register a car, insure a car, park a car, etc. for the life of that car?

    How much would it cost during that same time span to take public transportation? Especially in cities with efficient transportation systems, it makes no fiscal sense to own a car. Throw a bike into the mix and it makes even less sense. Throw a potential DUI into the mix and…well…who’s the loser now?

    Beers By BART, baby!

  • William Brand

    Amen R.R. That;s . The west to get to all the brewpubs and pubs worth visiting by public transit. It;s th eonly way I go. For example to the Toronado, take BART to Civic Center, Catch the 6 or number 7 bus, both go right up to Haight Street and stop pracically in front of the Toronado. Why drive?

  • Mario (Brewed for Thought)

    Drinking and riding a bike still gets you a DUI. Not to mention the additional exposure to drunk in public tickets.

    R.r., what about the issue of time savings? Time with your family, or favorite beer could be wastes on the bike. This time isn’t measurable in dollars and cents.

    That being said, I just bought a commuter bike for a few days a week of riding. Not giving up my car (Santa Rosa is not a bike town), but will be driving it less, that’s for sure.

  • Judy

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