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Finding the name of a beer on a cafe table in Brussels in an old photo

By William Brand
Saturday, June 21st, 2008 at 12:19 pm in Uncategorized.

The wonders of the Web…Back on June 10, I posted an e-mail from John, which started a huge discussion about “yellow beer” and “drinking beer and geting thin.” John sent along a photo he took last year at a cafe Brussels, that showed the beer he was drinking and loved (Orval) and another beer his wife was drinking. My question was: What beer was that? He replied that it was some kind of Lambic. He remembered the name of the cafe, but not the beer.
So I sent the photo to the Campaign For Real Ale representative in Brussels, Stephen d’Arcy and asked him Stephen passed the info along to friends and now we know:

“It is Mort Subite Xtrême Framboise. I have found it on the internet now that he gave me the name and I can see it is the same label. I thought all along it was Mort Subite, but for some reason Alken-Maes don’t have pictures of their beers on their website so I couldn’t see if it was the same one. Rhodri”

Thanks everybody. Stephen, by the way, publishes a A Selective Guide to Brussels Bars:

By Stephen D’Arcy. This guide can be described as an A4 paperback and as the name suggests covers Brussels but it also covers Antwerp, Bruge, Ghent and many other towns and cities. It gives information on individual bars and beers sold, opening times and snippets of general interest; also included is how to get there. Continuously updated and published by CAMRA BRUSSELS. Available from Stephen D’Arcy, Rue Willems 16, Apartment 2031, B-1210, St-Josse-ten-Noode, Brussels, Belgium.
e-mail Stephen.D’

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