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Why isn’t beer sexy? (And what can we do about it?)

By William Brand
Saturday, June 21st, 2008 at 10:36 am in Uncategorized.

Jeff Moses, the guy behind Boxer Lager and Route 101 Root Beer, has written a most interesting article on UGO: Lifestyle for Gamers, a gaming site. His question: Why isn’t beer sexy? Great question. Comments anyone?

Jeff was marketing director for the late-lamented Coast Range Brewing in Gilroy, and is the guy behind the Monterey Beer Fest, Aug. 2, Here’s the top of his post…

UGO: LIFEStyle for Gamers
Beer will make you fat, is named things like “Budweiser” and “Heineken” and is sold in oversized plastic cups at sporting events. These are just a few of the reasons why beer isn’t considered sexy. In fact, I don’t know a single normal person who thinks beer is sexy, besides the Anheuser-Busch sales guy and my friend Joe who looks like he’s about to give birth to a 9-pound, 2-ounce 6 pack. I’m not saying there’s no sex in beer. I mean, we’ve all probably spent some time with it in the back seat of a car. But beer is not sleek or stylish or any of the other things that make something sexy in today’s society.

Why do we want beer to be sexy? Because when you and your date sit down for that special dinner, on the table will likely be a bottle of wine with some kind of cutesy label. Why? Because women think wine is sexy. Read the rest of the post…

PHOTO: Jeff Moses drinking Boxer Brews…

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  • Alexi

    I once had a girlfriend in college who found the beer taste/smell on my breath sexy as hell… dunno if that counts… but then again, she’s a lil cookoo! 😉

  • jeff moses

    I changed my mind. If Bill Brand thinks Beer is sexy,
    then it’s sexy.

  • William Brand

    Personally, I think,a corked, bottle conditioned Belgian ale, perhaps Duvel, for example, can be a great beverage to serve with an excellent dinner. Or late at night, a strong beer, served in an elegant glass, perhaps in front of the fire…on a snowy night…somewhere in the high Rockes..amen.

  • Mario (Brewed for Thought)

    I’m with you William. Personally, I’ve always been attracted the the Anchor Steam bottle, such a curvy little tart. The Duchesse De Bourgogne bottle is rather sexy, and when poured into a proper glass that only makes it better. I think the Belgians can take the cake with their wine-like bottles, and when poured into a tulip glass, I have a hard time finding a more attractive beverage. Then again, I write a blog about beer, I might be biased.

    Here’s a pick of the Duchesse:

  • Christina Perozzi

    This guy has obviously never had the pleasure of holding a beautifully curvaceous Tripel Karmeliet glass filled with delicately laced golden delicious beer in his hand; or had a perfectly paired Orval with a succulent Duck Confit! I can’t think of anything a whole lot sexier than that.