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Oddbits…English love their fish & chips, the Queen and beer, Sam Adams opens new brewery, remembering Miss Rheingold…

By William Brand
Wednesday, June 25th, 2008 at 2:46 pm in Uncategorized.

Oddbits…I must have column-itis, because this “oddbits” thing is beginning to look like a daily column…What I’m doing is compressing a combination of tiny, but interesting items into a single post. So…here we go…THREE DOT journalism lives again … er- dotdotdot…

…There’ll always be an England, thank Gawd. According to UK blogger Pete Brown…a new survey of 7,000 people in the UK were asked what they loved ost about Britain: 1. Fish & Chips. 2. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. 3. Old Fashioned British pubs. Read the whole post and the rest of the results here……They’re rolling out the first bottles and barrels of Sam Adams Boston Lager from Boston Beer’s new brewery in Macungie Township, Pennsylvania. Jim Koch said the brewery, last owned by Diageo North America to make Smirnoff Ice, before that, according to Lew Bryson, the ace-Philadelphia blogger-author, it belonged to Pabst and before that to Stroh and before that Schaeffer (creator of the famous New York Miss Rheingold contest of the 1950s.).

…Jim Koch, Boston Beer CEO, told me (and others) in Boston last week that the brewery will produce Sam Adams beer for the East Coast and that Boston Beer has re-hired the brewers laid-off when Diageo bought the plant. They were very happy, he said. He added that Boston Beer is also producing Sam Adams beers at the former Rolling Rock plant in Latrobe, PA., which Anheuser-Busch scuttled when it bought Rolling Rock and moved brewing to its mega-giant Newark plant.

That’s all on the Sam Adams front today… except this: It’s a 1950s Rheingold Beer commercial from the 1950s. Couldn’t find a video of Miss Rheingold in a quick search. Maybe someone else can…

Found a (blatantly sexist and very dated) March of Time video showing Miss Rheingold candidates in 1950. Here’s the link:

Last gasp… Like Firestone-Walker beer? Live in Oregon. You’re soon to be in luck. It’s coming your way. Bug your distributor now. Beers coming include Double Barrel Ale and Union Jack…and for your post 4th plans: Don’t forget the Breast Fest, at Marin Brewing, Larkspur, July 12, 1-5 p.m. Over 25 craft breweries, many beers…Tickets: $30. Call 415-461-HOPS.

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  • Nordo

    Maybe the three-dot style will allow time for you to finish the post on where to get great beer in Santa Cruz. I live in Santa Cruz, I am very much looking forward to you opinions.

  • William Brand

    Yeah, you’re right. My problem is I still have a day job. I’ll post something in the am. b

  • Carolyn Jung

    Speaking of fish & chips, Bill, do you have a fave place in the Bay Area for that iconic British street food? Inquiring minds want to know. 😉