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Buying beer by mail – A few links…

By William Brand
Monday, June 30th, 2008 at 9:39 am in Uncategorized.

Got an e-mail today from Dudley, who lives in the Midwest and was looking for a mail-order place that stocks Old Peculier, the dark, funky, wonderful English ale.

I told him about Liquid Solutions, which is based near Portland, OR. Then I dug out an e-mail from a friend who lives in Washington and frequently orders via e-mail. He lists several Web sites that either specialize in mail-order beer or stock a large beer list and ship by mail. Thanks again Alan.

About the cost of shipping, Alan noes:
Shipping is still steep, but some few beers are worth it.
It’s best to get a case or more, then the price isn’t too
bad per bottle. I’ve bought a few “antique beer bottles
(unopened)” via ebay. One of those links has Goose Island
Bourbon County Stout. I’m tempted to grab more of that.
I’ve had a few sips now and then and wonder if it’s as
good as I remember. Plus I’d like to compare it to my own
bourbon baggie imperial porter.

I also bought some bottles of Utopias for $125-170. At
that price the $20-25 shipping doesn’t seem so bad. I buy
it, or a friend, then we all gather and split the price
depending on how many samplers we get out of it.

Skal, Alan

The links:

Vintage Cellar
John’s Grocery
Belmont Station (in Portland, OR.) lots of out of stock stuff

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  • Mario (Brewed For Thought)

    Not that I’d ever do this, but I’ve heard if you have a friend buy you the beer, put it in a box and ship it as far away as DC, that UPS shipping starts at $15 for 2 22 oz bottles and gets to around $22 for 4 12 oz bottles and 2 22 oz bottles. My guess is it would take about a week to arrive. Shipping to a business address will save you some money on the process, as opposed to a residence. Just make sure the box is all sealed up and properly protected for the long trip.

    Not that I’d ever condone shipping beer across state lines, but supposedly there are ways it can be done.

  • William Brand

    good ideas mario. I’ll remember that. I have a friend in Manhattan and we occasiionally trade beers, costs about $15 per one 22 oz. beer. way too costly. But for more than one bottle it might make sense to try.

  • William Brand

    This post was to me on my page on the aleuminati… (By the way, it’s a great new site for beer-friendly people…

    At 2:43pm on June 30th, 2008, Virgil G said…
    I just read your two latest blog posts, (through rss feed, can’t get to the actual site while at work) and the first was about beer by mail, the second you mention you were at midway airport.

    There’s a liquor store, practically across the street from Midway that will ship beer. Archer Liquors.

    They have a decent selection of midwest beers including Great Lakes; 3 Floyds; Two Brothers; Dark Horse; Goose Island…

    So, I thought I’d pass that on.

  • Mark

    I live in Colorado, and will occasionally order beer and wine online from Liquor Mart (, which is great, inexpensive store that carries something 3000 different beers and 6000 different wines. I would check them out if you’re in Colorado, but I think they deliver all over the country.