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Russian River Belgian-style beers available by mail order to any place in California

By William Brand
Tuesday, July 1st, 2008 at 6:43 am in Uncategorized.

If you live far from Santa Rosa, CA. or any other place in California without easy access to Russian River Brewing’s bottle-conditioned, Belgian-style ales, you have an opportunity to buy four of Vinnie Cilurzo’s corked, bottle-conditioned beers via mail order. Here’s an e-mail with the info from Natalie Cilurzo:

We have a few cases left of the most recent barrel-aged beers and would like to offer them to those of you with limited access to our brews! It turns out Vinnie was holding out on me… damn him! Beatification, Temptation, and Supplication are now available once again for shipment within California ONLY. And, the guy on the couch just told me Redemption and Damnation are also available! Here’s the deal:

All 5 beers are available for a limited time, for shipment within the state of California ONLY.
Orders must be placed in increments of 3, 6, or 12 bottles.
Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for shipment.

I went to the Russian River Web site, clicked on “store” and did a mock order. Three bottles of Temptation would cost $42.70 plus $10.70 for shipping via Federal Express ground to my home zip code in the San Francisco Bay Area. There’s a faster option called “Fed-Ex Home” that would cost $12.82. Fortunately, I have several stores within a short distance that stock Russian River beers. But if you don’t this is a fairly decent deal.

Which one’s you ask? Monument Wine & Spirits in Concord, Ledger’s Liquors in Berkeley are my two faves. Don’t know where to find Russian River Beers in the Bay Area? Shoot me an email at and ask for our 2008 Bay Area Retail Beer Store List.

One note of extreme caution: For American craft beers, most of Vinnie’s Belgian-style beers are edgy. Some are quite sour. If you’ve never tried the beer, be prepared for something different. These are not big, sweet, Belgian ales. I love ’em, but they are different.

Last note from Natalie:

Our new brewer, Guy, spent the day today filling barrels with Temptation at our new production brewery. So look for the first batch from the new brewery sometime next year! Cheers to many more years of barrel-aged beers!

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  • Mario (Brewed For Thought)

    In related news, North Coast has suspended their shipping of select brews, thanks to someone resaling the Old Stock Ale vintage series.

    So buy it, drink it, share it, just don’t put it on eBay.

  • william Brand

    Jesse sent me this emmai:

    Oakland’s big beautiful Whole Foods has most of those Russian River beers as of Sunday!

    Great news Jesse. Russian River at Whole Foods in Oakland. That’s a first. The address is: 230 Bay Pl, Oakland. It’s just off Broadway toward Lake Merritt.

  • Tim Clifford

    Hey, that’s my stash! Looks like I have to get over to Whole Foods before all my babies are gone. Jesse forgot to add that all three of the RR sours are under $12. Now they’re really gone. Cheers.

  • William Brand

    Damn Tim. Didn’t mean to blow your cover. Oh well…so much beer, co little time…

  • Tim Clifford

    In reponse to Mario:

    One shouldn’t assume it’s only individuals reselling North Coast’s Old Stock barrel beers and other items they graciously shipped to in-state craft beer fans.

    I happen to know that one of the Bay Area’s most respected beer merchants was also a “bad apple” by reselling these beers (illegally) for quite a mark up. It’s called capitalism, and it can make even beer saints act unethically.

  • William Brand

    There’s nothing illegal about it. For years people have brought cases of Dogfish and Victory here and unloaded them to retailers, who resell them. But then, beer is heavy and the profit is small, so it’s not exactly like bringing in a truckload of cigarettes from North Carolina (low taxes) to New York City (high taxes).

  • Mario (Brewed For Thought)

    Individuals, merchants, either way. It’s not cool. Stupid capitalism.

    Beer drinkers of the world unite!

  • Tim Clifford


    Looks like you are right. I’ll eat crow on this one. Still, I’m with Mario–I don’t like it.