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Oddbits…New Firehose Brewpub in East Palo Alto, Canned beer update, 21st Amendment, Uncommon Brewers

By William Brand
Monday, July 21st, 2008 at 1:40 pm in Uncategorized.

It’s official: Firehouse Brewing is adding a second location in East Palo Alto. Russ, one of our regular posters spotted the burgeoning pub across from Ikea. Firehouse manager Edward Tamez confirms it. He said opening is scheduled for October, the third anniversary of Firehouse Grill & Brewery, 111 S. Murphy Ave. in Sunnyvale.

It’s in the Ikea East Palo Alto Shopping Center. Tamez said it’s a brewpub. But there will be no beer brewed on premises. Instead, it will be brewed at Firehouse, Sunnyvale. That’s hardly bad news. Brewer Steve Donohue does a great job. He has three regulars always on tap in Sunnyvale ad a rotating list of specials; I’ve had a few of them, includng an excellent high octane IPA and an Imperial Stout. Really liked both.

Quote of the day: A recent study found the average American walks about 900 miles per year. Another study found Americans drink, on average, 22 gallons of beer a year. That means, on average, Americans get about 41 miles to the gallon. Kind of makes you proud to be an American….

Moving on…Ed Ledger, Ledger’s Liquor, 1399 University Ave., reports he just got in a new shipment of Pizza Port beers; Monument Wine & Spirits Concord and City Beer also have an excellent stock.

Events: The inaugural “canning out” (that catchy phrase comes from a poster to this blog) of the new 21st Amendment beers in cans, Live Free or Die! IPA and Hell or High Watermelon Wheat, begins at 6 p.m. Tuesday, July 22 at the Toronado, 547 Haight St. A poster to this blog spoted the cans already on sale at a BevMo in San Francisco…

Speaking of canned craft beer – Skot Colacicco, co-founder with Alec Stefansky, of Uncommon Brewers, a brand new Belgian-style, craft brewery at 303 Potrero St. in Santa Cruz have canned their first beer and it’s most unusual: Siamese Twin Ale. It’s an 8.5 percent, Belgian-style double, spiced with lemon grass and Kefir lime. It’s “can conditioned.” That is, a bit of priming sugar’s added to each can so the beer will continue a slow, secondary fermentation. I tried it, found it surprisingly dry with a spicy edge. Their second beer, which will be canned sometime within the next year or so, is Golden State Ale. Loved this one, 6.5 percent, with toasted poppy seeds. Alec says Siamese Twins should be at New Leaf Markets in Felton and Bould Creek next week and other New Leaf stores later on. There are several around Santa Cruz.

The beer’s also going to pubs in the Santa Cruz area in unique KeyKegs, made by an industrial consortium in the Netherlands. They’re 30 liter, recyclable, but not reusable plastic kegs becoming popular in Europe for wine. Uncommon Brewers, which is certified 100 percent organic by CCOF, the Santa Cruz-based organic certification organization, likes the idea of disposable, but recyclable kegs. They’re much cheaper than standard kegs and aren’t subject to theft like regular kegs.

  • MORE EVENTS: This comes from Jeannie at Northwest Brewing News… Tonigh in Portland, check out Fred Eckhardt’s Annual Beer and Cheese Tasting at Rogue Ales Public House in Portland, OR. There will be 10 microbrews and 10 cheeses. More information is available at:
  • July 23rd Oregon Brewers Dinner & Pairing at Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland. This annual barbeque is to kick off the festival weekend: Reservations are required. More information is available at
  • July 24-27 is the 21st Annual Oregon Brewers Festival at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. This is a great festival and will feature beers from all over the northwest as well as other parts of the country. More information is available at:

Photo: Alec Stefansky with a disposable, but recyclable Euro KeyKeg.

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