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Where to find the organic beers from Uncommon Brewers, Santa Cruz

By William Brand
Monday, July 21st, 2008 at 5:42 pm in Uncategorized.

If you’re looking for Uncommon Brewers organic beers, Siamese Twin, spiced, 8.5 percent, Belgian-style double and Golden State Ale, the 6.5 percent Belgian-style golden ale, made by Uncommon Brewers, 303 Potrero St. in Santa Cruz, here’s the scoop from co-founder Alec Stafansky:

  • The Golden State Ale can be found at The Bistro (if not on tap, it will be soon) in Hayward, the 515 Kitchen and Cocktail Lounge in Santa Cruz, and Mondo: An American Beer Garden in Sonoma.
  • The Twin is on tap at the 515, the Sonoma Wine Exchange (Another great place to visit, lots of fantastic craft beer on the shelves.), and should be back at The Trappist in Oakland as soon as Aaron Porter places his next order.

Thanks Alec.

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  • easong

    I cleaned the City Beer Store out of all remaining cans of 21A Brew Free or Die yesterday. Good news though, they expect another shipment to arrive from MN today. Nice ale, not so different from the regular 21A IPA, perhaps a slightly different hop profile with a touch of cinnamon spice and a bit less citrus. Good summer beer, but way better poured into a glass than straight from the can.

    Also picked up some Pliny and Blind Pig to take back to the south bay — the southernmost extension of Vinnie’s empire is still SF and Hayward. I could drink Blind Pig until I was a..blind pig.

    Also picked up 4 big bottles of Port 2nd Anniversary. Similar to the awesome Hop-15, only with hop concentrate added. Palate crushing monster, best enjoyed as a 6 oz nightcap.

  • William Brand

    Wow, a beer treasure. Question: Why in the hell doesn’t someone open a decent beer store in the South Bay? All that money, all those beer lovers stranded on a beer desert.

    By the way, Port Brewing’s new beers are at Ledger’s in Berkeley and Monument Wine & Spirits in Concord.

  • Mega Smith

    Alec! Just had my first taste of your Siamese Twin and oh my goodness.. AMAZING! Very impressed. Can’t wait to be able to get some here in San Francisco.
    Bueno Suerte!

  • The Duke of Dunkel

    Siamese Twin is currently on tap at Mission Pizza in Fremont, and it is indeed very, very good. According to their web site it’s available in cans at a couple of Santa Cruz area retailers. If you’re out that way bring me back a sixer!!

  • William Brand

    The brewer-owners Skot Colacicco and Alec Stefansky t have this to say on their Web site, (And by the way, I highly recommend their Golden State Ale. Excellent.)

    The Golden State Ale is on tap at Mondo in Sonoma, the 515 Kitchen, and their sister The Red Lounge.

    We haven’t checked in with them in a few weeks, but The Bistro in Hayward also has a keg of the Golden, which may be tapped at any time.

    Our Siamese Twin Ale is on tap at the Wine Exchange of Sonoma, the The Red Lounge in Santa Cruz, Mission Pizza in Fremont, and we’ve recently added The Crepe Place to our growing list.

    We’re currently sitting on the “Past Beer” list at The Trappist, but hope to be back into their impressive rotation in the coming months.

    Our retail presence remains limited, but cans of the Twin can be found at the River St. Cafe & Cheese Shop, and the New Leaf Market in nearby Felton.