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Oddbits…Bistro IPA fest, barrel-aged beer at City Beer…

By William Brand
Friday, July 25th, 2008 at 11:50 am in Uncategorized.

Oddbits and short takes…Mark your calendars, ladies and gents…The Bistro’s 11th annual India Pale Ale Festival is Saturday, Aug. 9. Proprietor Vic Kralj will have over 50 IPAs on tap. There will be live music and barbecue all day. Starts at 11 a.m. Ends around sunset. The Bistro’s at 1001 B St. in the most beautiful block in downtown Hayward….

Meanwhile, City Beer in San Francisco’s gearing up for a barrel-aged beer series, Begins Thursday, Aug. 14, ends Sunday Aug. 24. Beers will include Green Flash Super Freak, Bourbon Barrel-Aged Angel’s Share from Lost Abbey… Also, City Beer will premier Stone’s upcoming Vertical Epic: 8/8/8. These are strong beers, meant to improve and age for a decade or more…

Random thoughts and short halves….Don Russell, who writes the Joe Sixpack column every Friday in the Philadelphia Daily News:

Howcum beer-related Web sites check your age?

Many beer makers require you to type in your birth date before entering, presumably because kids are either:

A. Completely honest while surfing the Internet or,

B. Completely stupid and can’t figure out how to enter “1986.” READ THE REST OF THE COLUMN

….If Russian River’s Pliny the Elder in bottles is on your mind, here’s one restaurant that has Pliny and it’s early cousin Blind Pig IPA… It’s Bobby G’s Pizzeria, 2072 University Ave. in Berkeley. He charging $6 a bottle. This is not takeout; it’s a restaurant.

Moving on…Jim Koch, founder of Boston Beer (Sam Adams) was recognized with an award for his outstanding service to the community of homebrewers at the opening session of the American Homebrewers Association’s annual conference.

“In addition to sponsoring many different homebrewing events and programs through the AHA and other organizations, Jim continues to promote homebrewing through the Longshot Competition and has brought homebrewing to a new and wider audience than ever before,” – Randy Mosher, AHA chair.

I love beer and food pairings, but peanut butter & jelly and Sierra Nevada Porter or Deschutes Black Butte Porter or Marin Point Reyes Port. Errrp.

This pairing is part of a series of pairings of childhood foods and adult beer in this month’s issue of Draft magazine. On pb & jelly, Draft sez:

“The porter’s dark roasted malt flavors match up well with the roasted peanut taste, while the beer’s effervescence washes the stickiness from your teeth. Plus, the sweet grape jelly evokes chocolate notes in the porter, creating a truly grown-up snack experience.”

The stomach reels, my palate revolts. Further down in the sandwiches and beer article, they suggest Trumer Pils and Grilled Cheese. Well, that’s not bad at all… Read all about it in the July/August issue of Draft.

…Live in Southern California? Stone Brewing’s fifth annual Fresh! Dinner is Tuesday, July 29 at 6 p.m. Features just-made beer and a menu preapred with food mostly harvested from nearby fields that day. Stone offers anyone interested a chance to ride along with executive chef Jeff D. Massey as he tours local farms Tuesday morning to buy produce. RSVP: to reserve a spot. The produce journey starts at 6 a.m. at the Stone World Bistro & Gardens, Stone Brewing, 1999 Citracado Parkway, Escondido.

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  • Mario (Brewed For Thought)

    William, PB&J and Porter does sound a bit rough, but that’s what i thought about Carrot cake and IPA until I tried it. And you realize, since you’ve planted the seed of PB&J and Porter, people like me will have no choice but to try it now.

  • William Brand

    Yeah, me too…but I’m not expecting to reach nirvana.

  • A. Ass

    For nirvana you’ve got to try Jif on whole wheat bread (no jelly) with Bigfoot barleywine. No lie.