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Slow Dough at Fast Food Nation’s expo in San Francisco – what it costs

By William Brand
Thursday, August 28th, 2008 at 4:13 pm in Uncategorized.

Slowly, the light dawns  on the Slow Food Nation Taste Pavilions, which will be open Friday night, then Saturday-Monday (Tickers are sold out). For those fortunate enough to have tickets, here’s how the “Slow Dough” system works and what it costs (and costs)….

Those of you attending the Taste Pavilions will receive a Slow Dough
card once you turn in your ticket. Slow Dough are the currency of the
Taste Pavilions – they can be “spent” throughout the Pavilions on
tastes of food and drink. Given the limited quantities and the rarity
of many of the products featured, Slow Food Nation developed Slow
Dough to minimize waste and assist our producers and partner in
accurately preparing sufficient quantities of food and drink for the
Pavilions. Slow Dough are printed cards that is used to “purchase”
tastes within the Taste Pavilions. When you enter Pavilions with your
ticket, you get 20 Dough. Every taste costs either one or two Dough,
and your Dough card is enough to taste something from each and every
Taste Pavilions. Once you’ve used your first dough card, you can
purchase additional Dough with cash, check or a credit card at two
sales points at the Pavilions. Extra Dough cards have five Dough each
on them and cost $10. When you purchase extra Dough, you will need to
show your spent Dough card as proof of purchase.

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  • danny

    bummer! didn’t know about this before I signed up. most likely I didn’t read it of course…. but it still should be fun. and I guess I’ll have a shot at some of the rare beers at least

  • William Brand

    I’m gonna do the same thing, mostly sticking to the cask section. I’m gong for Jolly PUmpkin first. Just about to post a list of most of the beers that will be there from, I’m told, nearly 60 breweries.