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It’s Labor Day Weekend, cops are out in force…

By William Brand
Saturday, August 30th, 2008 at 3:31 pm in Uncategorized.

A holiday warning. If you’re gonna’ hit a pub or do some drinking this weekend, watch out – Bay Area police departments are mounting a major effort to catch you.

The California Highway Patrol says they’ll have 80 percent of their officers on the road this weekend. Police departments from El Cerrito to the South Bay will have surprise sobriety checkpoints.

Over and out.

From the CHP….


* (.01% – .04%) May be DUI: Anyone, after one drink during a two-hour period – and people weighing 170 pounds or more, after two drinks.
* (.05% – .07%) Likely DUI: People weighing less than 170 pounds, after two drinks – people weighing 150 pounds or more, after three drinks – and people weighing 190 pounds or more, after four drinks.
* (.08% – UP) Definitely DUI: People weighing less than 150 pounds, after three drinks – people weighing less than 190 pounds, after four drinks – and anyone, after five drinks.

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