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San Francisco Beer Week: An idea whose time has come

By William Brand
Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 at 11:29 am in Uncategorized.

If  you follow Don Russell’s  weekly “Joe Sixpack” column in the Philadelphia Daily News online, then you know that last March beer lovers in Philly staged a fairly incredible beer week.

Philly’s Beer Week featured a stunning list of events, many beer dinners. festivals, tastings and general celebrations. The week began with Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter tapping a keg of Yard’s Extra Special Ale, a bit like the kick-off for Oktoberfest in Munich. Not only did Philly have this incredible week, they proclaimed Philadelphia, America’s most beer-drinking city.

Fast forward to today. The two local guys who cooked up the Bay Area’s Beerapalooza, Celebrator  Beer News publisher Tom Dalldorf, and Brookston Beer Bulletin blogger and Celebrator associate Jay Brooks, are feeling upstaged.

Beerapalooza’s far from shabby. It kicks off each February with the Bistro Double IPA fest and ends a week later with a Bruce Paton Beer Dinner, the Toronado’s Barleywine Fest and a big event, sponsored by the Celebrator.

Ain’t good enough, they think. So, with the help of friends – yes, you and I are welcome to sign on too – they’ve invented “SF Beer Week,”  The first one will be February 6-15, 2009.  Ten days in the place that gave birth to the American craft beer movement, starting with Anchor, continuing with New Albion and on and on.

They’re right, of course. No way should the Bay Area take a back seat to Philadelphia in the beer world. Although, after a couple of days there in June, it’s a great beer scene. But as we all know, the Bay Area rocks and a little friendly competition won’t hurt us. And hey, maybe Arnold will tap a keg of Pliny to kick things off (Just a suggestion that points out it’s the San Francisco BAY AREA Beer Week.)

Check out the Web site, sign up for the e-mail list and stay tuned. Philadelphia, indeed.

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  • Mario (Brewed For Thought)

    So, who’s going to brew the special dopplebock “Governator” for Arnie to tap?