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Trappist Beer Cafe in Oakland plans an expansion

By William Brand
Monday, September 22nd, 2008 at 9:20 am in Uncategorized.

If you’re a fan of the Trappist Beer Cafe in downtown Oakland (CA.), and you ought to be – Here’s some great news. They’re expanding.

Chuck Stilphen, who co-founded this very authentic, Belgian-style pub with Aaron Porter, says they’ve leased the adjacent 1,000 square feet of the  turn-of-the-century building they occupy at 460 8th St..

Plans are to create a bottle shop at the rear selling mostly  Belgian beer and American craft beer. The front will be a pub, specializing in craft beer. We’re talking Pliny the Elder and maybe Dogfish Head. There will be 10 or more taps, all pouring American craft beer.

They’re also adding a small kitchen so there will be food service both in the present pub and the adjacent new one.

Chuck and Aaron just returned from a trip around Belgium scouting pubs to get ideas for their expansion project. Chuck showed me some of the pubs on his iPhone. (Damn I’m envious. I’m stuck with Verizon and my imitation iPhone. Basically, it sucks.)

They’ve settled on mahogany wainscoting with a kind of metallic, tarnished silver paint above, copied from a Belgium pub or restaurant.

ETA six months.

Photo: Chuck Stilphen pouring Green Flash Le Freak at the Trappist.

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  • Drew

    This is cool news for a Monday morning! I think this will address one of the things that I dislike about The Trappist currently – how crowded, cramped, and loud it gets.

    Knowing these guys, I’m sure that the expansion bar will be as visually appealing as the current one!

  • Mario (Brewed For Thought)

    Nice pic. Looks like a good day to visit the Trappist.

  • danny

    oh god. there goes more of my money. I love that place.

  • Brett (Suds or Duds TV)

    Working in the City Center off 12th street in Oakland puts me a just a few short blocks from The Trappist. Needless to say, I frequent there regularly.

    Very much looking forward to the expansion and enjoying more tasty brews!

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  • Engdahl

    I’ve known Chuck Stilphen since he was a little kid. I’d come and visit him over there but I don’t drink any more. Wish him all the best.