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Two East Bay (California) homebrewers are the Sam Adams Longshot homebrew contest winners

By William Brand
Saturday, October 11th, 2008 at 11:46 am in Uncategorized.

DENVER  – Now it can be told — the winner of the national Sam Adams Longshot homebrew contest is Alex Drobshoff of Livermoe (CA).  His winning beer – chosen from over 1,200 contestants from all over the United  States is Traditional Bock.

Boston Beer founder Jim Koch made the announcement at a brunch at Marlowe’s a tony restaurant on the 16th Street mall hjere in Denver.

Alex, a member of the Mad Zymurgists homebrew club, is a regular winner of homebrew contests. But, he said today in Denver, this is really the big one.

The beer will be one of three Longshot beers brewed by Sam Adams/Boston Beer and distributed nationally in  February, 2009.

As readers of this blog and my beer columns know, the second beer is a Double IPA, based on the recipe for Ruissian River’s Pliny the  Elder. It was brewed by Mike McDole, of Clayton (CA.)  How about that — two nationally distributed homebrew-based beers,  both created by East  Bay homebrewers. Mike’s a member of DOZE,  Diablo Order of Zymiracle Enthusiasts, another prizewinning East Bay homebrew club.

Mike won last year’s contest, but when it came time to brew the beer at Sam Adams Cincinnati brewery, the hop shortage hit. The beer uses seven hops in very liberal additions, it’s about 100 IBU and 8 percent alcohol by volume.

The third Longshot beer was chosen today from three finalists from 100 beers produced by Sam Adams employees around the country. The winner is  Karissa Swigart, of Boston. The beer is a cranberry wheat.

Now that’s going to be a six pack isn’t it.

The finalists along with Alec were Chad Warner of Massachusetts, Michael Robinson of New Hampshire and Aaron Schenk of North Carolina.

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  • http://GoodBrewer Julie at Good Brewer

    Woo Hoo!!! Way to go, Alex!!

  • Alex Drobshoff

    Angie and I just got home from Denver, I’m beat but we certainly had a great time. I can’t say enough good things about Jim Koch and his crew at The Boston Beer Company. There is a saying that “a company is a reflection of the guy on top” and it’s really true with Jim and Samuel Adams employees. Everyone is so enthusiastic, seems to loves their job and what is not to love?
    It was amazing to pour my beer at the GABF with the help of Samuel Adams and to talk with so many commercial and home brewers from all over the country.
    Mike McDole has helped me immensely on this journey; I have a huge amount of respect him and his brewing knowledge and ability. I’m certainly honored to join him in the 2008 Longshot six pack.
    Best regards,

  • Tom Warren From Mad Zumurgists

    Congratulations Alex! You do us proud!

  • http://MadZymurgists Jon Koerber

    Alright! What am amazing journey that has been for you Alex. I am sure you will be glad to get home and relax after all the fanfare.

    Looking forward to all the details at our next club meeting!

  • William Brand

    I reported this earlier, but I was one of the finalist judges, so was Tony Forder of Ale Street News and we were both blown away by the beer. We didn’t know whose it was. There also was a dynamite German-style pilsner from Aaron Schenk from North Caroline and a really nice Oatmeal Expresso Stout from Michael Robinson from New Hampshire and an a well-made Mild from Chad Warner from Massachusetts.

    Homebrewing has come a long, long way.

  • William Brand

    I’ll tell you Alex. I;m damn impressed with both of you.

  • Brian Cooper

    Great job, Alex! It was awesome to be there not only as you won the West Coast prelims in May in SF, but also as you poured your beer for the masses in Denver. It was great beer, and fun to experience the GABF (for my first time there) along with good friends. So, CONGRATS on being Mad Zymurgists’ unofficial “Beer Celebrity of the Year.” :-] And my sincere congrats go out to Mike McDole and Carissa Sweigart as well!