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A soapy beer glass wrecks the beer and turns me grumpy

By William Brand
Tuesday, October 28th, 2008 at 10:07 am in Uncategorized.

This seems to have become a “the trouble with good beer:” forum in the last few days, and oh hell, I’ve have another complaint: Beer glasses with soap reside or in some other way not spotlessly clean.

We’re in Santa Fe, NM  for a brief vacation and last night we went to one of our favorite restaurants, La Choza Of course I ordered beer, so did my wife’s cousin’s husband, Bob. He got a pint of Santa Fe Pale Ale. Prudently thinking of the night ahead,  I ordered a 10 oz. glass.

Bob’s beer was beautiful: Big creamy, long-lasting head, lacework trailing down the glass.  Mine sucked. No foam, and a bit of an off-aroma, the kind that usually comes when beer hits a soapy glass. Damn.

I looked at my wife. Did she gently shake her head. I think so.  You see, we’ve got history together. She really doesn’t drink at all, so she’s my valiant designated driver and as a non beer-drinker, she’s seen a lot of pubs. Her only request is a Diet Coke.

In all honesty, we’ve had some scenes when there is no Diet Coke or similar diet soda.  The last time was a visit to an organic brewery in the Bay Area.  Bet they have a soda at their bar now.  And, being utterly honest here, my requirements are a clean glass and fresh beer. I always try to be polite. But, well, I’ve sent back my share of beer.

Neither of us really like scenes, so I tried to be tactful. I asked the waiter for another beer in a clean glass. She brought out another glass.  Same story. Crap, hell and damn. We were in company, so I dropped the subject and ignored the beer,

Walking out, I was dying to stop and tell the bartender his 10 ounce beer glasses had soap residue. But hey, this is a vacation, so I left quietly.

However, if any of you reading this post happen to be in Santa Fe sometime soon,  don’t miss La Choza. It’s a great, inexpensive, off-the-tourist-track restaurant. And please tell them to put their 10-ounce glasses through another rinse. Over and out.

Oh yes. So how do you make sure your glasses are clean? Thought you’d never ask.  Post on that coming up in a minute.

Photo: Beer in a sparkling clean glass. Ahhh wonderful. (This  photo wa taken of a Belgian-style tripel at the Alembic in San Francisco. Note, the clean glass.

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