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Toasting the President Elect? Which beer?

By William Brand
Friday, October 31st, 2008 at 10:29 am in Uncategorized.

Question for the weekend. I know everybody’s glued to the TV, watching election developments,  minute-by-minute. Blog traffic is down. Beer just doesn’t seem important in the face of the failing economy and the presidential election.

My question is – If your candidate wins the election. What beer are you going to toast him with? If your guy loses,  what’s your choice then?

I’m voting for Obama and if he wins, I’m going to crack open the oldest beer I own: A 1987 Thomas Hardy’s Ale.

If McCain wins (and don’t get me wrong, I respect the man. I was also in Navy air, although I didn’t fly, I did target planning for Sixth Fleet pilots), but I’m going to open a bottle of French cider. Yes, I realize that’s a bit like an upraised digit. But hell, I’m a sore loser. Maybe I’ll eat some French fries too.

How about you?

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  • easong

    If Obama wins, I will have an imperial pint of Firestone-Walker Union Jack at the Rose & Crown.

    If McCain wins I’ll chug an imperial pint of Patron tequilla, no ice, no salt, no lime.

  • James

    If my Obama wins I will share some Orval at home and head down to Marin Brew Co for $3 Pint night. IPA, Breakout Stout, Hoppy Holidaze, depends whats on tap.

    If McCain wins…Whats the strongest stuff I’ve got?

  • Drew

    Pliny the elder. Regardless of who wins.

  • Derrick

    Did you drink Arrogant Bastard when Bush won?

    I’ll actually be in DC that night, I’ll try to find something good from the area to toast my man, Obama, who will win.

  • Ross

    this is easy:

    obama – black&tan
    mccain – rogue “dead guy”.

  • b

    obama – ale to the chief (Avery)
    mccain – scotch

  • craig

    in this economy..regardless of who will be 2$ “happy hour” pint of racer five.. at “norms” in danville

  • William Brand

    About Arrogant Bastard, Great idea. Is there one named plan old bastard,

  • Scott Moore

    William, I don’t know about Old Bastard, but I saved the bottle from an “Old Fart” beer I picked up many years ago.

    There’s a close up of the label here:

    I remember it being unnotable other than the humorous label.

  • Thomas

    First off if someone is speeding this weekend glued to the TV watching the news and isn’t getting paid I’d like to say get a life.

    If Barr was to win, which he won’t I’d say Liberty ale would be perfect.

    If the other two guys win, which will happen, I’ll have what ever is in my homebrew kegs.

  • Thomas

    er speeding = spending

  • jeff

    If Obama wins I will drink a vertical tasting of Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 2004-2008 that I have kept in the fridge for just such a moment.

    If McCain wins i will consume a 12 pack of the worst swill domestic can product (keystone or milwaukees best) because that is all I will be able to afford the next 4 years if another republican wins the presidency.

  • The Duke of Dunkel

    If Obama wins I guess I’d have to crack open something special from Left Hand Brewing.

    If McCain wins it may as well be a Busch.

  • Michael

    If Obama wins, I’ll drink a St. Bernadus Prior 8.

    If McCain wins, I won’t be drinking. I’ll be packing and moving to Canada. Seriously.

  • piercival

    No doubt on this one:

    If Obama wins -Black Diamond Amber- smooth, steady, utterly brillant with a great finish.

    If McCain wins -Old Knucklehead-(a lot of it to deaden the {Mc} pain) – strong, bitter and dangerous. Older the better …for the Barleywine anyway.

    If -God forbid- Palin takes the helm -Steel Reserve- nasty, vapid, unbalanced …and gag inducing.

  • thejoereview

    Haven’t really thought about it. Will definitely give it some thought now.

  • William Brand

    Piercival wins so far. Old Boardhead, Steele Reserve and Black Diamon Amber. Wow!

  • Thomas

    Remember William regardless of the outcome we are all Americans first then our politics second, it was something I tired to maintain when I worked in DC. I think people are all to willing to forget or ognore these days.

  • craig

    WATERMELON-wheat 4 obama

  • Ron Craven

    My choices for election night, and for that mater, after the results are in.
    First: Pliney The Elder
    Second: Thelonious
    Third: Optimator (Spaten)

  • Busted_Flat

    Obama will win and there is only one way for me to go tonight. From Goose Island in Chicago a well-deserved bottle of Bourbon County Stout.

  • Felipe in Bakersfield

    I will be toasting Barrack’s win with a Lagunitas Maximus IPA (12-oz), followed by (in no particular order): Mendocino BC White Hawk Original IPA, Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA, Stone Pale Ale, and Gen Sherman IPA (Sequoia Brewing Co, Modesto).

  • Mary Wieler

    Although you may be toasting the outcome of the election, Avery has out a beer called “Ale to the Chief” which is to be opened on Inauguration Day 1/20/09 (even has the date on the front). Found this one @ City Beer – no where else so far…

  • Dan S.

    I finally figured it out.

    McCain wins … the biggest bottle of Budweiser I can find.

    Obama wins … Alaskan Smoked Porter 2007.

    btw, I picked up a bottle of Avery “Ale to the Chief” at Diablo Foods in Lafayette. Was a couple of weeks ago, so they may be out now.

  • William Brand

    Alaskan Smoked Port. Yea! That;s the winner.