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Stella Artois: On a steep decline?

By William Brand
Sunday, November 2nd, 2008 at 11:20 am in Uncategorized.

Have you tried InBev’s Stella Artois lately. Driven by a heavy ad campaign, it’s become popular in the Bay Area. Personally, I haven’t tried in for years.  But it was an OK lager, a damn sight better than Bud and friends: Mild malt, decent hops, about 30 IBU.

Well, according to English writer and blogger Pete Brown. That’s changed big time. He just wrote a fascinating post looking at the Stella of today and yesterday.  Damn the bean counters and cost cutters.

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  • brewnot

    I was not a fan to begin with.

    If it has gone down hill in the BMC direction, say no more, drink no more.

  • Steve

    And Inbev is due to acquire Anheuser Busch, the king of corn “beer”. They deserve each other.

  • Mario (Brewed For Thought)

    I had never tried Stella until a few months ago. My friend who love Imports would rave about it. When I found it on tap, I figured I’d give it a try. Nothing special in my opinion.

  • Jon

    I don’t care for Stella and at least now I have more information to say what has happened to it.

    Beautiful website? I wish they have taken the money spent on flash programmers and bought more barley and hops instead!

  • James

    I have had it a few times, I have always considered it the Belgian Bud and would never buy for myself. Although I like it better than bud. I have two friends who really love Stella. One only drinks Coors, Bud and Tecate and has just “moved up” in his words to Stella(he wont even try a craft beer say they are all nasty??), the other drinks only blonde ales and Stella is his #1 brew.

  • Marie Davenport

    Thank you for linking to that excellent blog posting. This isn’t the first time InBev has done this (anyone remember what Spaten used to taste like?), although other companies are, of course, guilty of sacrificing the quality and taste of their brews to save money as well (an obvious move when you have to keep the stockholders happy). The rising cost of basic brewing ingredients certainly isn’t helping…

    At any rate, it just makes you appreciate brewers who insist on using quality ingredients and appropriate fermentation times despite possible cost savings, as well as the people who support them, all the more.

  • Mario (Brewed For Thought)

    Marie, excellent point on Spaten. I’ve received a bit of heat on my blog when running through German Hefe’s and giving my honest opinion on Franziskaner. To put it simply, it just tastes watery. Seems like a symptom of InBev ownership. The real question is, where can Budweiser go?

  • Marie Davenport

    Mario – only time will tell, I suppose…

  • easong

    I bought a six of Stella for a party last weekend. People drank the good stuff and left the Stella. I will probably pour it down the drain.

  • http:/// Mario (Brewed For Thought)

    easong, does that leave you proud that your friends have moved beyond Stella, or upset that they stuck you with the swill?

  • brian h

    excellent post!

  • 15/70

    I remember Stella in the 90’s had a stronger frontal alcohol taste (common to some Belgium beers) than it does now. Hmm…

  • easong

    I found a use for the Stella nobody would drink — it makes an excellent liquid for poaching salmon. Use one 12oz bottle per pound of fish. Make a foil boat around the salmon and fill it up. Cover the fish with diced onions and minced garlic with a bit of grated Parmesian. When the beer boils, the fish is rare. Five more minutes it’s medium.

    Alternatively, if you let Stella evaporate on your garden walk, snails will stick to the goo.

  • William Brand

    Wow. American ingenuity never fails to amaze me. I;ll bet it works with salmon. Gotta try that one.

  • jeff moses

    hey Bill,

    I’m going put the Oskar Blues beers
    (Dale’s, Old Chub & Gordon) into to the Northern California Bev Mo Stores. It should be available in a few weeks at Bev Mo.

    Meg Gil is their brand rep. in California. She
    came out from Colorado to spread the word about Oskar-and she’s smart as a whip to boot.

    I think the brand will have much success in California.

    -jeff moses
    MBF Company