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Economy makes wine consumers seek value

By Jessica Yadegaran
Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 at 10:56 am in Uncategorized.

So how is this disastrous economy impacting wine? Well, according to recent numbers, we’re still buying the stuff, but not surprisingly, we want less cru-class Bordeauxs and more offbeat value-priced varietals.

Specifically, according to Tim Fish’s piece in this month’s Wine Spectator, sales of cremant Champagne are up 70 percent and Costco is experiencing double digit increases in the $8.99 to $13.99 range and a moderate increase in the $15 to $20 range (my favorite price point). I imagine whites from South America (like Torrontes) and Spain (Albarino) are flying off shelves, too.

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  • guest

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  • Napa Cabs Fan

    Based on a sample group of Cabernets I’ve watched over the last several years, I see little in the way of price erosion by this, so-called, economic downturn. Granted, the wines I’ve watched for so long are high end, but, I find it interesting that the “offered” prices for these hasn’t changed much, if at all. If there is a recession, it doesn’t seem to be causing high end players to lower their prices. Wish it weren’t true – maybe I could afford more of this kind of stuff if it wasn’t so darn pricey.

    My “watch” list is pretty standard stuff and includes Duckhorn, Caymus, and (closer to my wallet) Hewitt Cabernets. . . . . in any case, if the economy is causing some reduction in prices – I havent seen it amongst these labels – they’re just as pricey as they have been over the previous 5-6 years.