Bottoms Up

Beer and wine in the Bay Area and beyond

By William Brand
Friday, December 19th, 2008 at 3:51 pm in Uncategorized.

This seems to be a day for videos. I love drinking songs and if they’re Irish, well, my (very, non-Irish) heart beats faster. Here’s a very cool one, The Parting Glass by The High Kings, of Dublin, Ireland. And a toast to everyone in this holiday season.

Last note. I was trying to find a video of The Kingston Trio singing Three Jolly Coachmen…”here’s to the man who drinks dark beer and goes to bed quite mellow. He lives as he ought to live, he lives as he ought to live and he’ll die a jolly good fellow…” But I can’t find it anywhere. If anyone can, post a link as a comment and I’ll put it up.

So other drinking songs? Post ’em here…

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