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By Jessica Yadegaran
Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 at 4:20 pm in Uncategorized.

Oh hush up. I know it’s a bad pun, but I live for them. And I’m ancy. I’m going home in less than an hour to light my menorah and make curried sweet potato latkes that I will wash down with the nectar of the mountain gods – a Merlot from Colorado.

Yes, Colorado.

I received the 2002 BookCliff Vineyards Merlot as a gift a few years ago and just got around to opening it last night, letting it breathe for half an hour and enjoying it with some curried Israeli cous cous and sweet potato soup.

What a Merlot — Smooth, surprisingly crisp and light in body with all the classic aromas and flavors of plum, tobacco and soft cherries. This is a small production wine from the Grand Valley — the winery made less than 250 cases of the current 2004 vintage.

bookcliff vineyards merlot

A little about BookCliff: it’s located in the Vinelands, east of Palisade, where grapes were first grown about 100 years ago. Located across from the Colorado River, the vineyards benefit from evening winds and low nighttime temperatures that promote and lock in acidity. Hence, a Merlot that I can’t stop pairing with curry flavored dishes.

First New Mexico, now Colorado. The home of the Rockies has seen a tripling in the number of vineyard acres since 1990. Currently, there are 450 acres of vines. Learn more on the state’s wine site, Colorado Wine.

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