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The best beer videos and a beer-drinking tribute to George Wills and Hank Thompson

By William Brand
Wednesday, December 24th, 2008 at 10:11 am in Uncategorized.

It’s that time of year….it’s BEST OF time… and for videos we take you now to Youtube for….

The best beer commercial of the year….with 489,168 views…this morning.

Then there’s the best beer commercial ever... 1,142,793 views…

No way I can leave out Homer Simpson and his ode to Duff beer with 659,511 views.

And lurching onward,…How about Epic Beer Pong Shots…only 12,116 views this morning, but hell, some of the shots are awesome.

For the closer, I have to stumble back to tiny town Nebraska where I grew up in and where the classics were songs by Bob Wills, Hank Williams and Hank Thompson….

Here’s Hank Thompson singing Bubbles in My Beer,  I understand it was a big hit for Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys back in the 1940s. Thompson’s cover came a decade later. It’s the one I remember hearing when I was a kid…

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  • discdude

    Good stuff, Bill. Here’s one from 2006 that still cracks me up, a close second to the Guinness ad:

  • William Brand

    Yes. That’s a great one. My God what did it cost…